Irregular Past Participles


abrir (to open)
caer (to fall)
creer (to believe)
cubrir (to cover)
decir (to say, to tell)
descubrir (to discover)
deshacer (to undo)
devolver (to return something)
escribir (to write)
hacer (to do, to make)
imponer (to impose)
imprimir (to print)
ir (to go)
leer (to read)
morir (to die)
oír (to hear)
poner (to put)
poseer (to possess)
rehacer (to redo, to remake)
reír (to laugh)
resolver (to resolve, to solve)
romper (to break)
sonreír (to smile)
traer (to bring)
ver (to see)
volver (to return)


abierto (opened)
caído (fallen)
creído (believed)
cubierto (covered)
dicho (said, told)
descubierto (discovered)
deshecho (undone)
devuelto (returned (something))
escrito (written)
hecho (done, made)
impuesto (imposed)
impreso (printed)
ido (gone)
leído (read)
muerto (died)
oído (heard)
puesto (put)
poseído (possessed)
rehecho (redone, remade)
reído (laughed)
resuelto (resolved, solved)
roto (broken)
sonreído (smiled)
traído (brought)
visto (seen)
vuelto (returned)